Know the Type of Foundation Crack to Get the Right Solution

The site, for instance, can provide you the service and best solution for various foundation problems, including the cracks. However, you first should identify what kind of crack occurs on your foundation. Structural cracking is a crack that is more than 2 mm wide and translucent on the other side of the wall. This is caused by :

– Decrease or shift the foundation due to poor or less dense soil carrying capacity. This could be due to poor soil conditions or it could also be due to changes in soil characteristics due to natural events such as floods, ground movements or earthquakes.

– The size of the foundation that is not in accordance with the burden carried or not perfect during the implementation process.

– Damage to columns (poles) and beams such as cracking or bending, due to the lack of the number or size of the main steel reinforcement and bonding iron (stirrup) as well as the low quality / quality of the concrete used or imperfect during the work process so that the strength of the concrete against pressure is reduced.

The solution:

For the foundation that goes down make a new foundation nearby by detecting the worst cracks on the wall above it. Compact the soil under the new foundation and make a new column / pillar to help distribute the load from the sloof and floor beams above.

For cracked beams, if the conditions allow it is necessary to add columns/poles under it so that the channel load distribution is reduced. If it is not possible, the beam is injected / grouted with epoxy, which is a special chemical liquid that is binding and dries quickly and then enlarges the size of the beam with external reinforcement.

For cracked columns, make an additional column near the cracked pole to divide the load on the damaged column or by strengthening the column by injecting/grouting with epoxy liquid and widening the column/pole size.

For small cracks in columns and beams, it is enough to add to the plastering so that the steel reinforcement is not related to outside air which can cause rust.

Floor Cracks Floor cracks, especially on the 2nd floor, are marked by broken ceramics due to the cracking of the concrete floor below.

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