Recognize Some Arrow Types You Can Use

At present, archery has become a popular sport for many people. This is because this sport does not require heavy equipment but requires sufficient ability. However, for beginners, it is still difficult even to set the arrow. Make sure that you know how to set up a recurve bow before using it to shoot and practice the archery you have done before.

Arrows also have many types that you can use, you just need to find the right one and fit your needs. Some types of arrowheads that you can use are

1. Recurve bow
Recurve bow is a type of bow that is used as a standard for international competition. Recurve bow has the characteristic of a limb that curves away from the archer. This form of arc allows the arc to store the same energy with a straight-shaped arc with a shorter arc length. When the bow is still the dominant weapon of war, this is a distinct advantage for archers. Shorter arc shapes allow archers to move more freely when fighting. In his day this bow was very popular among riding archers.

2. Compound bow
Compound Bow is a bow that has a unique shooting system. Compared to the straight bow and recurve bow which only relies on strings for shooting, bow compound has a pulley mechanism in carrying out shooting. This mechanism makes compound bow unique characteristics when dr