For Men, These Are Four Things That Can Make Your First Date Fail

Dating is definitely a place where you can get to know someone better. So, you also have to get someone who has the same criteria and character as you so that your date can run well. You can find someone right in a hippie dating. With this site, a dream date with someone you like can be a reality.

However, for men, it turns out there are some mistakes that are often made on the first date and make the woman that you are dating feel weird and uncomfortable, for example.

1. Come late
Coming in on time can also be one of the things that makes girls feel annoyed. Making her wait and coming not according to appointment hours will certainly make you ugly in his eyes. He will think that you are not a reliable person because your words can’t be held.

2. Too silent and keep the image
Take care of the image, of course it’s okay so that the target girl feels curious. But being too cool and quiet will actually make the atmosphere between you can’t be comfortable. This will make you feel like you don’t have chemistry and match.

3. Too aggressive
Too aggressive on the first date is a mistake. For example, suddenly holding his hand or hugging her. This certainly will make girls feel uncomfortable and think that you are a cheeky guy. So, take care of your attitude during dating.

4. Always talk about yourself
Talking about yourself is certainly okay, counting as a branding strategy and showing off in front of the ideal girl. But, if the portion is excessive, it might just be bad luck and stay away from you. Because, too often talking about yourself is a sign that you are a selfish, narcissistic and more selfish person.

So, instead of failing your first date, it will be better if you can avoid these four things and try to be as comfortable as possible during a date.