Scenarios that recall someone’s memory

Memory stored by the human brain can appear at any time, intentional or unintentional. Those memories can appear in various types of circumstances. Apart from that, visit if you’re looking for a supplement which enhances your memory.

These circumstances are:

1. The memory of something that grabs attention, for example, the name of the smartest person in the class. Here what you want to reproduce or remember is only part of that memory.

2. Recollection, that is, recalling a complete past event, as is done by an accused who answers all questions from the judge for all his behavior in the crime he has committed.

3. Recognition, which is to recognize something, object or person after a part of the object/person is seen or heard again as if seeing a child recalled to his father; because the child is similar to his father.

4. Dig the awareness of Memory Range. The point is the number of objects that can be seen at a glance to remember. How many pieces of numbers can you still remember after being shown once? Generally, people can still remember a telephone number consisting of five numbers, but more than nine numbers cannot be recalled. If the telephone number consists of seven numbers, you can still remember 50% of the time shown. These seven numbers are called memory ranges.