Some Tips to Prevent Hair Loss Using Natural Ingredients

Hair is a crown for every human being, especially women. Besides being able to beautify a woman, hair can also be used as a place to style for someone. Various types of hairstyles are made until trends are often held every year. Men and women have a model according to their face shape and comfort. White women and black women also have hairstyles that can increase confidence. Like the list of hairstyles that are at Many hairstyles can be adapted to each person.


But many women often complain of having hair loss. It’s useless to have a charming hairstyle but experience loss. If not followed up, you can experience premature baldness. For those of you who prefer natural treatments for hair loss, we provide the following ways:

– Use aloe vera
How to deal with severe hair loss with aloe vera is very simple and fast. The most important thing is before using this method, wet your hair first and wait until it is half dry. After that, wipe the mucus on the aloe’s flesh into the hair and skin of your head. Leave for 15 to 20 minutes then rinse with water until it is completely clean. For more optimal results, do this two to three times a week.

– Use avocado
How to deal with severe hair loss and dandruff, the next is to use avocado. You can use this fruit that is rich in protein and fat as a hair mask. The method is enough to smooth the avocado and then rub it on the hair and skin of your head. Let stand for 20 minutes and while waiting you can while listening to the song. After that, rinse with shampoo until it is clean and not left over.

– Use yogurt
Yogurt is one of the ingredients that are very well used to overcome the problem of hair loss. How to use it is also very easy and fast. Simply apply evenly to the scalp and allow 10 to 15 minutes. After that, wash your hair completely clean. For maximum results, apply this method at least two to three times a week.