Do You Have a Small Child? Don’t be Afraid to Bring Children During Umrah

Fun activities are worship activities that are very energy consuming. For parents, there are many things that must be prepared. Especially if we want to invite small children to worship Umrah. Although with the various Umrah packages 2018 offered, inviting young children is the responsibility of each parent. Umrah tour only provides facilities for adults. If you have this, extra preparation needs to be done so that children feel comfortable during the worship trip in the Holy Land. Especially if the children invited are still toddlers.

To anticipate all the obstacles that can interfere with your journey of worship, here we share some tips for performing Umrah with your child:

– Time to leave umrah
Before deciding to go Umrah to the Holy Land, research the best months to travel. For example, during low season so it is not too crowded and jostling. Inviting children during a busy month will make them difficult to move and tend to be fussy if they are small. Then select the month when the air in Saudi Arabia is not too cold at night and hot during the day. Although the child’s body condition is fit, it’s good to avoid something that makes their body drop.

– Pay attention to the terms and completeness of Umrah
Just like adults, even small children must prepare a departure for the Holy Land by taking care of passport documents. The procedure for making passports for young children is very easy and similar to the procedure for making an adult passport. It’s just that, sometimes you need different document equipment from adults, so you have to pay close attention to the requirements.

– Bring diapers, strollers and sling
If your child is still a toddler, bring extra diapers. We recommend that you carry a sling or stroller just in case your child is exhausted when doing Thawaf or Sai. But keep in mind, the Stoller can only enter mosques in Medina. For other alternatives, you can rent a wheelchair for rent with the driver.