These Are Two Important Functions for School Uniforms

A student from a school does have to use a uniform when they are in a school environment. This is because there are standards that apply to schools where they must always use it. For that, you must use the right uniform and in accordance with your school’s identity. The existence of a school uniform is very influential also on one’s appearance.


Unfortunately, there are still people who do not know the important function of the school uniform. The function of the uniform that you must know is

1. Increase a sense of unity
One positive function of the existence of uniforms is to increase the sense of national unity. When both school uniforms are separated, teenagers feel from one group even though they come from different schools.

2. School identity
Usually, every school has a different uniform identity. The existence of many schools makes each school must be able to give their identity correctly and different from other schools. This will make it easier for them when they take part in competitions or competitions.

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